Experience Wellness & SPA at Hotel Castle

What would a hotel stay in Valais be without attractive offers for Wellness & SPA? Surely only half the relaxation. That’s why we have put together a selection of wellness & SPA offers at the four-star Hotel Castle in Blitzingen.

Enjoy your stay at Castle Blitzingen for example with a visit in our warming steam bath, in the comfortably tempered sauna, in the tingling whirlpool or during a professional Ayurveda treatment. A massage shower completes our selected Wellness & SPA offer.

During your individual therapy you regenerate body, mind and soul and can then relax deeply and meet the demands of everyday life with new inspirations. You are also welcome to request your treatments online and put together an individual therapy.

Kneipp – Wellness is completely natural with us

Discover with all your senses the stimulating effect of the natural Kneipp Water Path located directly at the hotel.

It is a tingling experience to wade through the cool water. Wonderfully refreshing on hot days and always good for body and soul. Enjoy the clear air, the different scents and colours of the flowers and absorb the sound of the Goms mountains.

Kneipp strengthens the immune system, improves blood circulation, strengthens the veins, stimulates metabolism and circulation, promotes sleep in the evening and is refreshing during the day.

Ayurveda – The idea of life

Ayurveda – to experience the idea of life on one’s own body. Ayurveda invites us to pause, to feel ourselves and our body again, to listen to it, to perceive it attentively and consciously.

Since we are located directly at a special place of power and our company philosophy always focuses on well-being and nature, we have found Ayurveda to be another inspiring path for us.

We recommend our therapists in our hotel. They are yoga teachers/yoga therapists, Ayurveda massage therapists, masseurs for traditional Thai massage and body therapists.

Each person is unique, therefore it is also his ambition to meet this uniqueness in his treatments.

The therapists draw from Ayurveda, Trad. Thai massage, body therapy, yoga and classical elements. This results in an optimal treatment, which is tailored to the uniqueness and speciality of the guest.

Packages, Offers & Therapies

Non-hotel guests are also welcome to treat themselves to a feel-good day with our Day Spa offer by prior arrangement.

  • Healthy and rich breakfast at the hotel
  • Guided Kneipp water trail in summer with Brigitte Gschwendtner
  • Snowshoe hike in winter
  • Enjoy the wellness area with steam bath, sauna, whirlpool and massage showers for the rest of the day according to your wishes
  • A relaxing one hour Ayurveda massage
  • Indulge yourself in our restaurant with a 3-course menu

per person CHF 250.00

Spirit of life

Feel the body, let the mind rest. Reflection on the essential. To you. To life.

The therapist will work with you to coordinate 3 individually tailored treatments based on the principles of Ayurveda, Thai massage and body therapy.

3 x 60 minutes

CHF 290.00

Sporting spirit

Three individual massage therapies tailored to the athletically ambitious guest.

Whether regeneration massage, competition preparation therapy or simply to go the next day with new vitality on the ski slope, toboggan run or cross-country ski run, this package is exactly the right thing for you.

2x 30 minutes

1x 60 minutes

CHF 210.00

Free spirit

In this package you will experience and learn the introduction to yoga and meditation. Including a Trad. Thai Massage.

1x yoga individual lessons 60 minutes

1x MeditationSingle hour 60 minutes

1x Trad. Thai Massage 60 minutes

CHF 290.00

Ayurveda – to experience the idea of life on one’s own body. Ayurveda invites us to pause, to feel ourselves and our body again, to listen to it, to perceive it attentively.

To be able to read a body is a wonderful thing – experienced hands carefully and intuitively embark on a journey into your world of experience. Learn to listen to your body again, to feel and perceive it.

Book time with experienced therapists to treat what needs attention in a full body or partial body therapy.

60 min – 110.00 CHF
90 min – 150.00 CHF

Traditional Thai Massage

Travelling monks brought this form of Ayurvedic body therapy from India to Thailand thousands of years ago.

By using the body weight with fingers, palms, elbows, knees or feet the body is stretched, mobilized and/or relaxed. This creates vastness in the body and thus also vastness in the mind. A deep peace, a flow in the body and lightness are perceived.

During the treatment the therapist is very attentive and gentle.

The treatment takes place in comfortable clothes on a mat on the floor.

60 min – 110.00 CHF
90 min – 150.00 CHF

Sport/regeneration therapy massage

This form of treatment is particularly effective after sports activities such as cross-country skiing, skiing, etc.

Here the whole body is stretched, the muscles loosened and the whole body made to flow.

30 min – 60.00 CHF

Head-Neck Special Treatment

Here the emphasis is on the head and neck, which is gently loosened. For the area of the body that often carries a lot of tension and load.

Very effective for neck complaints, headaches, migraines, shoulder problems.

30 min – 60.00 CHF

Yoga therapy private lesson

This individual lesson is not about bending and knotting the body.

Here you learn by listening, observing, by subtle physical exercises to perceive your body again, to feel it and to observe the breath attentively.

A fine force that flows in you, you practice to get to know it. You realize that yoga is not a form of treatment, but a state. And you learn to take this state with you into your everyday life.

60 min – 110.00 CHF