The Hotel Castle in Blitzingen is the top address for seminars in Valais

The Hotel Castle in Blitzingen is the top address for seminars in Valais

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The Peak45 association supports a wide range of development projects in the Valais and is fortunate to be able to bring together numerous organisations, institutions and personalities from business, politics and society under one roof. The philosophy of the Peak45 association is to promote the best in a wide range of economic and social fields and thus make an important contribution to the further development of the Valais.

For a number of years now, the association has been organising regular boot camps, the aim of which is to provide participants with a high level of know-how and modern skills in achieving their personal and institutional goals. These challenging boot camps are really no recreation camps and even less something for averagely demanding people. Rather, the aim is to equip the decision-makers of tomorrow with qualities that will also meet major challenges.


With the Hotel Castle in Blitzingen a special place was found

In 2018, the three-day boot camp took participants from various economic sectors to the dreamlike village of Goms. Especially in the district of Blitzingen, the dreamy four-star Hotel Castle is located directly in the Goms mountains. What at first glance looks like a holiday hotel quickly proved to be the top address for a challenging boot camp of a special kind.

Perfectly and absolutely modern equipped seminar and conference rooms, excellently furnished suites with individual demands and an excellent cuisine with real star flair provide the perfect setting for a seminar lasting several days.

The hosts are the married couple Peter and Brigitte Gschwendtner, who ensure perfect seminar days with their cordial nature and a high degree of professionalism. Already during the preparation it has been shown that the Hotel Castle in Blitzingen can be the ideal address for a high-class boot camp in Valais.

The magnificent natural surroundings, the excellent infrastructure and above all the commitment of the hosts are the best prerequisites for successful seminars, workshops and conferences.


When content and form enter into a perfect symbiosis

…you must have arrived at the Castle. A sympathetically furnished and family-run hotel in the middle of the Valais lives not only from the chic furnishings, but also from an idea that fits perfectly into the region and thus also perfectly with the concerns of the boot camp. Regional values from the natural location to the individual furnishings to the highlights of regional and international cuisine make the Castle one of the best places for a boot camp, the basic idea of which is also concerned with progress in Valais.

Such a symbiosis of content and form offers the best framework for successful seminars, as they are always in demand. For a long time now, the focus has not only been on rooms, furniture and technical equipment, but also on the idea that connects with the Peak45 association and the idea of the Hotel Castle in Blitzingen.


Best feedback from all participants

Even if the opinions of the Bootcamp participants already differ clearly in some questions, the participants of the Bootcamp 2018 agree on one thing: The Hotel Castle with its beautiful surroundings around Obergoms, the hospitality of the hosts and with the excellent equipment of seminar rooms and rooms was the top address for 2018.

Sven Furrer, for example, who, as director of the 2018 boot camp, certainly had special expectations of the four-star Hotel Castle, is in agreement. Waldemar Schön, Daniel Kehl, Michael Ruppen and Beat Ambord also agree that there could hardly have been a better place for the Peak45 Bootcamp 2018. Also because of the excellent cuisine and the exquisite wines, which of course are always closely related to the Valais.

In the video you can feel the enthusiasm that the Bootcamp and the Hotel Castle in Blitzingen have equally triggered. This is also a recommendation to all those who are still looking for a professionally run seminar hotel in Valais and should find it with the Castle.

For example, it was a special place for VITOGAZ Switzerland AG to hold a sales seminar for its top sellers. And many other small and large companies and seminar providers have already discovered Hotel Castle as a top address for seminars, conferences and workshops in Valais.


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