In autumn there are always game dishes in the Hotel Castle

In autumn there are always game dishes in the Hotel Castle

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Game dishes are the absolute Castle speciality in autumn

If the chef of the Castle in Blitzingen is not in his kitchen for a week in September, then it is hunting season in Valais. As a result of an exciting week, Peter Gschwendtner not only brings the game he has hunted himself into his kitchen, but also the best relationships to hunters from the region, with whom the game season at Hotel Castle always lasts a little longer.


In autumn there are game specialities in the Castle

The hunting season traditionally begins at the end of September/beginning of October in the restaurant of the Hotel Castle in Blitzingen. Then the hunters of the region bring the game like deer, roe deer or wild boar into the restaurants and also into the castle. The Chef de Cuisine Peter Gschwendtner likes to go hunting himself and proudly brings the prey home.

Then the best time for game lovers and all those who have always wanted to try something special from the Valais cuisine begins in the castle. Venison ragout with mushrooms and spaetzle are as much a part of the daily menu as wild boar goulash or fine venison.

The Castle is togheter a wild place, not because the atmosphere is now rising or chaos is breaking in, but because there are the best dishes on nature’s meat shelves. And the Valais is known for the fact that there are many of them.


Tradition with a modern touch

The hunting season in Valais is a time when it is particularly traditional. The hunting, the cutting and the preparation of the game are strongly oriented towards old traditions and customs. And who doesn’t love it when the oven prepares game dishes that are as delicious as those of grandparents?

Peter Gschwendtner from Castle Blitzingen may not have invented game cooking, but he did revolutionize it a little. The secret of the special taste lies in the combination of traditional game recipes with modern cuisine. And there are many of them in autumn at the Castle in Blitzingen.

While the well-known strong taste of game meat dominates the dishes, it is the fine refinements of the Castle kitchen that give the game dishes a modern touch. This suits every guest who is curious about the subtly taste of game, but also wants to find a piece of modernity in traditional dishes.


Exciting things from the forest

The venison on your plate is certainly not the most exciting thing that comes out of the Valais forests. Apart from the excellent taste and the fine way of serving, the game dishes in the Castle always conceal the big and small forest stories. And Peter Gschwendtner could tell a great deal about them.

But because he prefers to concentrate on his gourmet work in the kitchen, Peter Gschwendtner simply brings these little and big stories into his venison recipes. Selectively selected nuances let the guest truly understand the taste of the forest and the smell of fir green plays with the fine taste of forest berries and mushrooms.

At the end there is always a composition that combines game from the Valais with a taste experience that often remains in memory until next autumn. And then it’s back again: there’s venison in the Castle!


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