Hotel Restaurant Castle Blitzingen – The destination for gourmet experiences in the Gommer Mountains

Hotel Restaurant Castle Blitzingen – The destination for gourmet experiences in the Gommer Mountains

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Real star cuisine with Valais tradition

Those who walk up to the Hotel Castle in Blitzingen approach step by step special taste experiences on a true star level. What is served here is at the highest level of Swiss and international cuisine.


The chef cooks with love and understanding

At the latest, a look over the shoulder of chef Peter Gschwendtner shows what is meant by real gourmet experiences. With an inimitably great love of the product, an immeasurably rich wealth of experience and always with a fine eye for detail, Peter Gschwendtner conjures up the great and small indulgence experiences that whet the appetite for more just by looking at them.

For the chef de cuisine it is ever a matter of course to bring the best to the guest’s plate. Rather, it is true love for traditional Valais cuisine, which the man at the stove always associates with modern trends. The visual appearance harmonises with the taste, the side dish goes well with vegetables and meat or fish and incomparably identical taste. This is always enhanced with the right wine, which ideally also comes from Valais.


Regional diversity with international flair

In general, Peter Gschwendtner focuses entirely on products from the region and never neglects international influences. Thus, typical Valais gourmet highlights are combined with modern elements of international cuisine in a very special way. This is not only visually visible, but above all can also be experienced in terms of taste.

The safe and firm reference to regional products from the Valais ensures that the Castle’s cuisine enjoys an extremely good reputation that echoes far beyond the Goms mountains. From all over Switzerland and not infrequently also from abroad,  the curious do not find their way to Blitzingen by chance, but rather by targeted means. Because here, in the restaurant of the Castle, there is a variety of taste experiences that make the choice from the menu quite difficult.

You are welcome to follow the recommendation of the service or ask the chef himself for the recommendation of the day. Wild game from the local mountains is just as popular as the products of local farmers or homemade specialities, which can hardly be found anywhere else.

The result is a true potpourri of taste that is unparalleled not only in Valais. For Peter Gschwendtner, the focus of his art is not so much the uniqueness as the pleasure for the guest. Because even the worldly and always genuine Valaisan likes to show his guests how traditional Valaisian food can be combined with the best from international cuisine. The likeable restaurateur likes to stand by the stove until late into the night and tastes and perfects the best taste experiences from the Valais.

And they have little to do with miners’ crude food, but rather with fine experiences for all the senses. The best way to experience what great cuisine from the small town of Blitzingen can be for you in the wonderful world of the Goms mountains is to make your own way to the Hotel Restaurant Castle in Blitzingen.


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