Enjoy the beautiful sides of life at Hotel Castle Blitzingen

Enjoy the beautiful sides of life at Hotel Castle Blitzingen

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Come up to get down – experience the calmness of the Valais

Life in the mountains of Valais is different. Characterized by the mountains of the Swiss Alps, in addition to the deep impressions of a breathtaking landscape, it is above all a good measure of serenity that is part of the Valais way of life. Enjoying life in a natural environment full of tranquillity is a lot of fun and is accompanied in the Hotel Castle in Blitzingen by an attitude towards life that appeals to all senses equally.


 Stress remains outside

Those who enter the Hotel Castle in Blitzingen are immediately welcomed by a calm serenity that leaves the stress of everyday life outside. A pleasantly friendly interior is completed by a warm welcome and finds its perfection when the guest finds himself in one of the pleasantly and individually furnished suites. This is the place that not only promises peace and relaxation. Rather, it is the contemplation of oneself that makes the stay in the Castle so special.

Depending on the category chosen, the suites in Hotel Castle offer everything that can be expected from a room in a four-star hotel in Switzerland. And always a little more. What is really captivating, for example, is the tranquillity that not only radiates the life in the room, but also the whole environment. Nature rich, here and there a good piece of the traditional life in the Valais and again and again a few attractive destinations in the surrounding area, which provide unobtrusive variety for individual travellers and families, for winter sports enthusiasts, summer hikers or seminar and conference participants.


Come up and get down

Those who have made it up to an altitude of about 1,200 metres can quickly get away from the stress of everyday life and prepare for a different life. Whether it’s a relaxed weekend, a varied holiday stay or result-oriented conferences, seminars and meetings – the Castle is geared to all those who are looking for something different.

To come up to get down is the credo that is implemented in the Castle in every conceivable way. High in the Goms mountains has always been the most beautiful place to relax, to find new ideas and inspirations or simply to say goodbye to the hustle and bustle.

This concern is supported by a consistently service-oriented team that not only offers the best of Valais in terms of living and experiencing. What is served on the plate is also a source of great pleasure for the palate and soul. A pleasure with a traditional touch and international flair, from fine dishes to fine wines, always served with a large portion of love. This is the pleasure in Valais.


Active escape from everyday life

Those who like it a little more active in Valais can always feel well advised in the Hotel Castle in Blitzingen. The guests know exactly what the surroundings around the Goms mountains and the highest peaks in Switzerland have to offer and are happy to put together individual tips for their guests. The ambitious winter sports enthusiast gets his money’s worth just as much as the summer guest seeking relaxation. And if you arrive with the whole family, you can be sure that this will be the perfect starting point for many experiences in Valais. Regardless of the season.


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